The Ask And The Answer

The Ask2

Author: Patrick Ness

Finished on: 15 March 2015

Where did I get this book: Borrowed from a friend (her library book)

This is the second in Patrick Ness’s Chaos Walking trilogy. It is an outstanding fantasy novel set in a world where men’s (but not women’s) thoughts are broadcast loud and clear for all to hear.

These books have a compelling premise which has that magical effect of unexpectedly seeming relevant in your day to day life, and providing surprisingly useful context with which to see mundane events from a different perspective. For all the wonderful creativity in the story, the real strength of these books lies in the characters. Good old fashioned brilliant characters that you full on fall in love with. You’re more important to me that the real people in my life right now characters.

Unfortunately The Ask and The Answer doesn’t get me anywhere at all in my quest to read some of the endless books on my  shelves though, because it’s my friend’s library book. She lent me the first book in the trilogy, The Knife Of Never Letting Go, a  month or so ago – and it was stunningly good. So this its sequel didn’t join the ‘to read’ pile, it just gets read immediately (even though I was halfway through another book when it arrived). And when I get my hands on the third one (not by buying it though of course) the same will be true of that.

Bloody brilliant writing. Love it.


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