A hitch in the plan…


There has been something of a hitch in the plan.

The original idea behind this blog was to give some structure and focus to my attempt to read the hundreds of books I have in my house, before I buy any more.

But I have had an offer I can’t refuse. My lovely neighbours were friends with a lady in our village who has died. Everything of any value was cleared out of the house, and what was left was going to be thrown away. So they said, come and have a look and take all the books you’d like.

So here we are. Beautiful books. Some gorgeous copies of old classics, and more that were just impossible to resist. Highlights include a Dorothy L Sayers, a Bill Bryson, a biography of Arthur Ransome, and that enormous blue two volume copy of the OED.

Brilliant. But whoops. It’s odd actually, a very kind person on twitter also sent me a book he no longer wanted, the sequel to Anno Dracula by Kim Newman, which I loved. It’s almost as if the fates are conspiring against my plan to read the house dry…



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