A Book Buyer’s Lament

This piece in the New York Times was recommended to me – and I love it!

The first section on the unread books in your house calling to you very much chimes with my own experiences, and indeed my reason for starting this blog.

The later points about the ethical questions involved in where you buy your books resonated less with me. I usually most of my books second hand (except for at the moment, when I buy none of course!), and indeed second hand bookshops are some of my favourite places in the world, so I don’t consider myself to be supporting writers, publishers or sellers of new books directly very much of the time at all. I consider the question of where you buy your books to be very different from the question of where you buy your milk – and I’m not sure why really. Perhaps because people will always write irrespective of whether they make a living from it, and it is not necessary to have a bookshop in every town. People will always read. How this happens has always, and will always, evolve. For example, I am not anti-kindle, and while I love a bookshop, if we evolve to a situation where there are only three bookshops left in the country, so be it. I have travelled to other end of the country for a good bookshop before, and planned entire holidays around them – so I will always go where the books are.

Plus, as you know, I have plenty to keep me going for probably another hundred years anyway!



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