Death On The Nile


Author: Agatha Christie

Finished on: 14 June 2015

Where did I get this book: Waterstones in Orchard Square, Sheffield, about a month ago

This no book buying business really focuses the mind.

Normally when I am given a book token, I wander into a bookshop, browse a bit, pick up whatever takes my fancy – and end up buying an often highly random selection. Which is obviously wonderful, and one of the most pleasurable ways to spend time I know.

But now this is my one opportunity to buy a book, it is a rather different experience.

I had a good old think. What book do I not own that I really should? And I didn’t own Death On The Nile. So I treated myself to this beautiful hardback copy, and couldn’t resist reading it almost straight away.

I first read this book as a teenager, and thought it was the most amazing, cleverest, most dazzling thing I had ever read. It is the single biggest reason for my lifelong love of murder and whodunits. And it didn’t disappoint on this second read. It is masterful. I generally prefer a whodunit the first time around, primarily because I want to try and guess whodunit (this, of course, is one of the two reasons why Murder, She Wrote is inherently far superior to Columbo – the other being that Angela Lansbury isn’t in Columbo). But this was almost a better read knowing who the killer is. It is all there. All the clues. Everything you need to work it out. All the red herrings that distract you from what is really happening. As a masterclass in how to structure a novel I can’t imagine much to beat this.

So I read it in a day, and loved every second of it.

Highly recommended. Probably one of the best books in the world, ever.


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