What is the blog etiquette?

This blog documents my (entirely failing) attempt to read all the books in my house, before I buy any more.

But what if I would like to blog on an entirely different subject? Say, hypothetically speaking, to reflect on the very scientific pursuit by my sisters and me to establish once and for all what is the best Bond film, armed only with our DVDs and a 63 column spreadsheet (oh, and actually also several hundred bottles of wine, and an amazing selection of cheese)?

Is the done thing to start a new blog on that subject specifically? Or would it be acceptable to post on different subjects on Murder Underground Broke The Camel..? (I think this would be my preference).

I guess it would help if I spent some time sorting out categories and menus. Must try harder on this front.

Genuinely, advice welcome.



  1. The answer is: it depends.

    If you want to add that to this blog, and you don’t care how many people read it, then go right ahead; although from the viewpoint of keeping things user-friendly you’d probably want to get categories etc sorted properly.

    If you do care about readers/audience etc then the generally accepted advice is that niche is better. From what I remember you work/worked in marketing so you probably know more about that side of things than me! 🙂

    As far as ‘etiquette’ goes: the Internet remains a pretty lawless place and people will tell you things dependent mostly on their personal preference.

    So ultimately, it’s up to you but I would make the decision based on what you want for your readers rather than what is more convenient for you to do. It is, after all, a blog and not s private diary, so it’s purpose is surely at least partly to be read. 😉

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  2. I have thought this very very often. If you check out my blog you will see that it is a shambles. I just tend to have a few pages that act as portfolios of writing /articles, then a blog section which is for all and sundry, then you can have category clouds or lists which help direct others. Ultimately it’s your call though. Sometimes you just need time to try things out.

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