Why I started blogging, and my top five reads so far

About six months ago I was having a lovely lazy morning with my daughter. We were looking for somewhere for breakfast (and more importantly, nice coffee) along Sheffield’s Abbeydale Road.

We wandered into a too cool for school bakery, with people who don’t know each other sharing tables. Eeek. We sat down with the people who looked least likely to be annoying, a couple of women. I wasn’t really in the mood for chatting with strangers as I was spending time with my girl. However, one of the ladies was reading a book. I seem to remember it was something about a dragon. By Kenneth Graham. Oooooo.

My daughter loves reading as much as I do, and with the universal awkwardness-overcomer of nosy bookworm-ness we asked, “Is it good?”

This led to a lovely chat over breakfast that ended in exchanging contact details. The reading lady, Rae, had set herself a challenge to read 100 books in a year, and was blogging about it. All very serendipitous. We got in touch online, and Rae asked me to write a guest post for her on why I started my blog, and my top five reads so far. For some reason I can only add the hyperlink in full below. This is the post. Thank you to Rae for asking me, and here’s to serendipitous collisions with fellow book lovers.



  1. I enjoys reading about the birth of the blog. It doesn’t matter whether you stuck to yiur plan, the Pom t is yiu have been enriched by the experience. Numbers come way down the priority list

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