Look what I’ve got!


Our holiday this summer will involve carrying everything we need for four people, for three weeks. Bearing in mind that I generally take three or four books for just a weekend away, drastic action was required.

Some people, knowing my huge love for the printed book, expect me to be anti-Kindle. But they just haven’t been for me to date because I’ve got so many of the bloody things to read on my shelves; it has hardly been necessary to read electronic books too. But now I have a reason. This is tremendously exciting. I fear I may over-order…



  1. So. Ow you are coming to the end of yiur holiday how was the reading experience using the Kindle? Did it convert you? I love mine when travelling because I really don’t want to lug heavy books around but on the other hand do miss the feel of the pages. I’ve also discovered that I read much quicker on a reader and so miss a lot with books that are not heavily plot driven.

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  2. Oh my god I love it! I am such a convert. Read three books on it already. Still on holiday at the moment, but will definitely post about my conversion when we return! Interesting that you say you read faster on yours, how do you know? I’m not sure…


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