Help! How should I organise the blog?


Eighteen months down the line, and Murder Underground Broke The Camel has surpassed my every expectation. I love writing it; I have a small but perfectly formed readership of lovely fellow book geeks, as wall as my friends and family who take a look now and then, and when they fancy a new read.

But, now that I have a princely 53 reviews on here, I am aware that browsing to find a corker rather than a stinker is not as easy as it could be.

There are a few different ways I could try to improve this – and I would love to know what you think.

I could try to categorise the books when I post reviews. Would you like to be able to sort the book reviews by genre?

I could try to do star ratings when I post reviews. Would you like to be able to sort reviews according to how good overall I thought the book was?

Or another option I’ve considered is doing a summary of my top three new recommendations every now and then? Would you like to be able to look at these, and get the best of the best in one post?

I am certainly no expert with these bloomin’ WordPress menus, so I need to have a play and see what I can do. But it would be hugely appreciated if you could let me know if any, or a combination of, the options above sound like they would work for you? Or something completely different?

Thank you for reading.



  1. How I sympathise with you – its been almost five years since I started my blog and I’m still very much a learner. To answer some of your questions:
    – Organising your posts by category is easy in WordPress. You just give each post a category and a tag – your parent category can be called genres and then sub categories for crime, historical crime etc etc. You can also do a category for reviews and then have sub categories for 5 star, 4 star etc. Within the widgets menu of your site you then find the option to add ‘categories’ to your view

    – personally I don’t search anyone’s blog by star ratings because I don’t use them myself

    – a summary of your ‘best hits’ per quarter might be of interest and would help people who missed the original review. I’m not keen on sites that do this too often (just a personal preference) but quarterly would be doable in terms of the workload involved for you and not too much for the reader

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      • it could be the particular theme you are using. Maybe worth playing with a different one. Or you could post a question in the word press forum – the people there are really helpful


  2. Ooh, the delights of home decorating, blog style! I ‘m a big fan also of categories and tags, and the fact that on some themes (maybe many) you can pull categories under pages in with the menu. I got, fortunately before my blog was too old, into indexing as well, by title and by author. It’s a bit of work, but I hope useful or blog browsers. An early virtual friend was excellent at virtual hand holding and patiently explaining the dos and don’t s of html (argh) but the WordPress tutorials are also excellent


      • Not stupid at all…….I have created alphabetic author indexes, and, ditto title indexes, and turned those indexes into pages, (have a look at my site, easier to see what I mean, rather than explain) – so it means there is a (fairly) easy way to search the site, rather than a more random ‘I wonder if this person has ever reviewed’……….(key in specific title) The hard (repetitive) work is in making sure each title, author etc is turned into a link someone can click on

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      • Your site looks great, I love the indexes. I don’t understand how to do this on mine, but I can imagine if I work it out, that would actually be quite a relaxing thing to do one day when I have loads of time! Your theme, images and everything are beautiful – really lovely site.

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      • Thank you – the easiest way I think is to get to your WP Dashboard and then use the option Appearance which gives you Widgets and Menus The WP Tutorials will explain much more clearly than I can, but it was then just making a Page, for example, one I called Author Index and then, from the Text, rather than Visual Tab, using the simple HTML code (the Tutorials will tell you) around the links you want to make clickable.

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  3. PS camelbroken – one tip I have, to enable playing around with what you can and can’t do with your theme, is to create a second, ‘shadow’ site so I have one such, and I set all preferences to Private – so it doesn’t publish visibly any where. And I copied the content of my visible site on to it, and then began playing around, trying things out when I work out how to successfully do a ‘tweak’ I then do that on the real site.

    I also keep at as an ‘at play’ site for when I periodically might think about changing or modifying the theme I use, so I can see if I’d have to do a huge amount to change things which work well on this theme, but might….not on others.

    Fortunately I remain happy with the theme I have.

    I know you can do all these ‘playings about’ on your real site, not publishing the changes till you are sure they work, but I think I was too nervous of something going horribly wrong and making changes and then finding something about them wasn’t right

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