The best reads of 2016: my top four

Happy New Year to all my fellow book lovers.

My reading year runs from 15 March, as that is when I started the blog. But a quick count up of my 2016 reads reveals that I have read and reviewed exactly 50 books. There have been a few stinkers along the way, but the vast majority of these have been brilliant in their own way, so picking a few highlights is incredibly difficult.

In January I reread Wuthering Heights, prompted by a wonderful visit to Haworth with my daughter. This is my favourite book of all time, so that has got to be a no-brainer for my reading highlight of the year.

But for my top first reads of 2016, in no particular order, I’ve managed to narrow it down to these three absolute corkers. I would wholeheartedly recommend each of these stunning books to anyone. Happy reading!


Boy, Snow, Bird by Helen Oyeyemi 



The Many by Wyl Menmuir



His Bloody Project by Graeme Macrae Burnet




  1. That edition of Boy, Snow, Bird is BEAUTIFUL. I’d not seen that one yet. I enjoyed it but REALLY loved Oyeyemi’s White is for Witching, which I read in 2016. So many people enjoyed His Bloody Project! It’s gotten a lot of love from bloggers I read. I may have to try it.

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