Before He Kills Again

Before He Kills Again cover

Author: Margaret Murphy

Where did I get this book: A kindle read

Finished on: 11 August 2020

Cassie Rowan is an overworked detective with a point to prove and a case to solve. She not only has to deal with working undercover as a prostitute to catch a serial rapist – challenging enough, you’d think – she also has the politics, backstabbing and incompetence of her colleagues to contend with.

You’re always in safe hands with Margaret Murphy. Before He Kills Again is the first in a new crime series by this prolific author who has also written as AD Garrett and Ashley Dyer. This is a writer whose research, while worn lightly on the page, is so thorough we get a real understanding of not only the procedural side of police work, but what it’s like to really eat, sleep and breathe this job.

What I found even more compelling in this story, though, is the insight into the life and work of a psychotherapist. Alan Palmer – a damaged man himself – has a number of seriously unwell patients and becomes drawn into DC Rowan’s case when one of them is implicated. The clashing personalities of Palmer and Rowan, and the clashing ethoses (yes, that is the plural – I googled it – apparently ethoi is also correct but that just seems silly) of their respective professions, provides a fascinating double lens through which to view the content of this case.

As rape turns to murder and the chase is on to save an abducted woman before it’s too late, things get seriously tense. In a gripping denouement to a thoroughly engrossing book, Rowan and Palmer join forces in their own special way to try and save the day – getting more and more battered and bruised as they go.

It’s the combination of compelling action and meticulous research that sets Murphy apart – and they’re both very much in evidence here in this top notch crime thriller.

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