Exciting times in difficult times – What’s happened with that crackers business idea I had?

It’s been a while since my post on that bonkers idea I had to run communications and branding training courses for writers.

That was over six months ago – and it’s been quite a ride since then! I left my sensible job and started working on the business full time (well, not quite full time, things have started happening with my own fiction writing – but that’s another story!)

I’ve run courses for The Society of Authors and the Stay at Home! International Literature Festival, run my own online courses and started offering one-to-one support and coaching to authors and other creative people. Anna Caig Comms website here.

You all know the massively important role books, reading and writing have in my life and it feels wonderful to be combining this passion with the professional expertise I’ve built up over the years.

One thing I have been HUGELY looking forward to is teaching on a retreat at the closest place to actual heaven I know, Tŷ Newydd Writing Centre in North Wales, in November. And when crime writing superstar Clare Mackintosh, who I met at a retreat at that very place, agreed to come along too, this became something I couldn’t wait to do.

With everything that’s been happening over the last few months, I’ve been wondering if I’ll get a message to say it’s been cancelled but, any unexpected changes aside, this retreat is still ON! Hurray!

This feels like a real milestone for me and for the business. It’s such a special place – and teaching with Clare is a dream come true. Retreat information here.

So, I’ve been having exciting times in these difficult times. It hasn’t been easy, particularly with the additional challenges of Covid, but I’m enjoying the adventure so far.

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