Red Fiat spiders and matching gold lavalier necklaces at the ready…


In a ‘getting giddy on facebook’ incident reminiscent of the time my friend Cath and I decided to simultaneously reread Savages as proper grown ups, I have spent a fair proportion of my snowed in (again!) Saturday today immersed in delicious nostalgia about the ridiculousness that was Sweet Valley High.

What started as a tenuous reference in my The Gentlemen’s Hour review has gone on to become a plan for a simultanous read of number 115 in the SVH series, a book that will surely be an absolute classic, The Treasure Of Death Valley.


Obviously, nobody can resist a book whose description includes ‘while hanging out near a mine shaft’, and where ‘limited supplies’ includes a portable television.

This book is currently available on Kindle for £2.10, although the sudden rush of interest may have pushed the price up by now. Eight of the nicest ladies I know are already signed up to begin reading on Friday 23 March. There is even talk of a spreadsheet. (That’s mainly me talking to myself). On a slightly serious note, it does put paid to the idea that children are overly influenced by the values of the books they read. Between us we read several hundred of these classics ‘created by Francine Pascal’, and not one of us has turned out to be a sociopath like Jessica, or an insufferable goody-goody like Elizabeth.

If you would like to join us in this marvellous adventure, you have six days to get yourself a copy and drop me a line. The more the merrier!

Grab your split-level Spanish style reading glasses and your red Fiat spider chair, remember not to wear a watch because nothing really starts until you get there, and get ready for some sun-kissed Californian fun.

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