About Murder Underground Broke The Camel’s Back

I have a house full of books. Bookshelves in nearly every room, crammed with hundreds and hundreds of books, some of which I have read and loved (and would happily read again), and many of which I have never read but thoroughly intend to (in some cases I have been thoroughly intending for up to 20 years, yes 20). Books that I read and wouldn’t read again, I give to a charity shop. But in my last ‘really ruthless’ clear out, I managed to get rid of six.

And still I buy more. And more.

Yesterday I visited the amazing Salts Mill bookshop, and bought Murder Underground by Mavis Doriel Hay. It looks fantastic, so up my street it is untrue – but I have got it home and it joins a pile of going on fifty ‘to read’ books. Which is just plain ridiculous.

This has got to stop.

I am going to read the books I have in my house, and buy no more. For the foreseeable future. Murder Underground has broken the camel’s back.


  1. Oh yes I know this feeling. I’ve worked out that at my current pace of reading I have four years worth of unread books at home. So why did I go and buy three more last week and reserve four on the library system???

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  2. Just thought I’d drop a quick comment to say that I think your blog is great. I love the story behind it and the name. I personally think the blog’s layout is user-friendly. It is not cluttered or overloaded with different images so that’s good. If you are still not sure yourself, I’d perhaps opt for a menu bar which just makes navigation a little easier, but with the pages you have at the moment this is not a problem! That’s all the advice I have and I look forward to reading more from you 🙂

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    • Thank you so much for taking the time to look at this, that’s really kind of you. I would love a menu bar! I tried to sort out my menu and got in a right muddle (told you I was like a granny with all this!) but will try again I think. I would love to be able to index my reviews A-Z or by genre, don’t know, so as I add to them it’s easier to find one in particular.

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  3. This is me! 2017 is the year no new books will be bought (well, no more than 3) and I will finally read what’s on my shelves – eek! When times get tough I shall pop over here for support. 🙂

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  4. Just like my house although I can’t resist buying more. The only cure I have is not going into book shops.
    Lots I haven’t read, glad I asked you today about your site. X

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  5. Like many others, I love the name of your website too. And the sound of your house full of books! I also love Salt’s Mill – have been on many occasions and it is impossible, almost impossible, to walk out without buying a book. Am re-reading To Kill a Mocking Bird at the moment. Have to choose three books in a Desert Island style choice. Wonder what yours would be?

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    • Thank you 😀And I think I would choose long ones to keep me going on my desert island… The Lord Of The Rings and The Count Of Monte Cristo maybe, Wuthering Heights maybe, but most of that is in my head already 😀Am I allowed books from the future? Can I choose the sequel to Bring Up The Bodies, as I’d hate to miss out on that on my island? 🌴🌊🏝️


      • Thank you for the recommendations. A few have said The Lord of the Rings. Wuthering Heights will probably make it, so Yorkshire is represented as well as loving the book…Mmm…The Count of Monte Cristo….I think it is supposed to be books already written, but there could be leeway. X

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  6. Ha ha! i started by blog in Jan 2017 with exactly the same goal – to deal with my ‘little book problem’. I lasted until August of that year. I then got on the book blogger circuit and I now own more unread books than I started with. I wish you luck but I fear you will end up the same way as i did. If so, you know where to find me!

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