2017 Challenges


I have decided to participate in three reading challenges in 2017. I have never done anything like this before, but part of the joy of book blogging for me has been the community with my fellow reading geeks, so this seems like an exciting next step.

Monthly Motif Challenge
The first is the monthly motif challenge where I will be reading and reviewing a book a month on the assigned theme

Mount TBR Challenge
I have chosen the other two challenges to get me back on track with the original purpose behind this blog. These are TBR pile challenges.

While I started this blog in order to give structure and purpose to my plan to read the house dry, it has ended up being a completely self-defeating exercise, and the catalyst for acquiring many many more books. This has obviously been wonderful, but I would like to get back to clearing some of the backlog if I can.

I am attempting the Mount Blanc challenge in the Mount TBR Challenge. This means reading 24 books from my TBR pile over the course of 2017. I would like to get through more than this, but have realised with horror that I only managed 14 of these in 2016, which is a poor show indeed when this was the whole initial point of book blogging for me. So, 24 seems a realistic target to get me back on course https://myreadersblock.blogspot.co.uk/2016/11/2017-mount-tbr-challenge-sign-up.html?m=1

My second TBR pile challenge is #RockMyTBR where I will be counting up the number of books I read each month from my TBR pile. The photo below is of a small selection from my pile, and I understand this challenge is also about finding like-minded fellow book lovers with some of the same books to get through. Let me know if any of these are on your list too. It would be great to read along together. There are plenty more waiting on my shelves though, so will keep an eye out for others’ lists too. Not sure yet how it all works! But I look forward to reading along with even more of my fellow bookworms. Here’s to a fantastic 2017 of brilliant books. http://theyabooktraveler.com/index.php/2016/12/07/rockmytbr2017/



  1. Good luck with these challenges. I wont be joining you on Mount TBR as such (trying hard not to get too embroiled in challenges this year since i very rarely finish them) but like you I do plan a more determined effort on reading what I already own and cutting back on the purchases

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